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Full Version: Seat location
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I've always watched the show from a higher viewing location, like the lower deck or club level.  This year the only seats available were on the floor.  Mine are 3rd row, right side close to the center aisle.  I enjoy the "whole show" as well as the music and performers.  How much different is it down that close?

We had floor seats last year for the first time. The stage set up for this tour has those huge video screens. From that close, those screens take up your entire field of view making the video part more submerging. When the opening scenes are showing you get that moving feeling in your stomach. It's nice being close enough to see the facial expressions of the band and see subtle interactions they have with each other during the show.
For the East band, you get more of Chris' hijinks, which are always fun. He truly enjoys what he's doing on stage and the others feed off of that.
I have had floor seats (5th row or so) a few times at Nassau Coliseum and it is just a different feeling being so close. You can see the performer's eyes and you feel like you are more a part of it. Plus, I think the sound is much more powerful.

When you sit further away, you see the full show and can appreciate everything that goes into putting on such a performance. I think the band does their best to throw some gimmicks at the people in the cheap seats so they don't feel forgotten.
I usually sit in the lower or upper decks depending on funds available that year. One year I was blessed to receive floor seats (towards the rear of the stadium) as a Christmas Present. While I enjoyed some aspects of it, but the angle made it hard to see the actual stage floor. So we just enjoyed the lights as usual. Also the guy in front kept recording on his Iphone holding it up high in everyone's view.