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Full Version: Jeff Plate talks TSO, Savatage, in new interview
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Stumbled upon this new interview with Jeff - somewhat short interview, but good prevalent questions on TSO, Savatage, Metal Church and the cover band that he plays in, Rust:

I thought this quote was interesting:

" I know Paul’s got a couple different things that are being worked on that are close to being wrapped up. We need to get one of these done this year. And I think 2016 is gonna be quite busy for us. TSO, we still have a lot of places to go to and a lot of places to conquer. Not that we conquered America by any means, but we are quite popular here and we have such a good product to present to people: the music, the story, the way this whole thing is presented. We need to try to get this to some other places. If we get a new record, we’ll have something more to work with."

All ties into Paul's intention to break TSO in Europe, sounds like.
But is there any real hope that they'll release any album this year? Romanov has been what? 15 years in the making? But, yeah. I think the Wacken appearance is just a lead-in as far as Paul's concerned.
well, supposedly the record company has given them a deadline to turn in an album this year. dont know how concrete that is, or if it can be changed. but if they hold to that date... they could actually have an album out by the winter tour.