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Full Version: New Interview with TSO West vocalist Dino Jelusić
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As part of my long-running TSO Interview Series, I caught up with TSO West's vocalist Dino Jelusić.  Dino joined on with TSO in 2016 and took lead on the classic "Christmas Dreams".  Dino took a break from the recording studio to chat - his first major interview with North America!

Some of the subjects we covered:

- His audition experience with Paul and TSO
- The Savatage song that he recorded that got their attention
- His remembrances of Paul O'Neill and Dave Z
- Leading TSO in rehearsals in preparation for their special guest
- Signing a major record deal with his own band
- Why he changed the name of his band
- And much more!


[Image: 15289171_10209443949073001_5730884052103...e=5A320992]
Dino sounds like a really neat dude. It's great when you see the people who have been able to stick with the band for as long as they have and then the not only new talent, but young talent, able to join in and its a refreshing experience. Heck look at Mats Leven. In his 50's and just joined and Dino barely hitting his mid 20's. I really sincerely hope he still gets that song on the new album. To think of how many in the TSO ranks hope to cement themselves in an album and don't get to and here's Dino in his first year and he nails the song then O'Neill's just gone.
Awesome interview. Really seems like a great guy. I love his version of Christmas Dreams, but Nathan James will always be the yardstick I measure the song by.
Cool interview. Never really thought about it, but yeah - not too many rock musicians have come out of Croatia. What a cool opportunity, will definitely look out for his band's album. Always enjoy hearing about the audition process, glad you asked him about that.