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Full Version: TSO violin covers requests!
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Hi everyone! I'm a regular member here and I figured this was kind of a TSO General subject ;-) 2006 was my first year as a TSO-er. For some reason the first time around never struck me enough to play a new instrument since I already play piano, but the band was a HUGE inspiration to me in general. But seeing the west coast back again seven years later and watching Asha Mevlana up on stage really did it for me. So at age 23, I rented a violin and have played every day since. My first song was First Snow since I loved hearing the sound of the strings in the song... only to discover there were actually no strings on the album at all and it was synthesizers for the first two albums haha. It only grew from there, though. I couldn't afford lessons for a year but finally did the next year and have taken lessons since.

I can play tons of TSO's songs. I was wondering if anyone on here would like to hear violin covers of their favorite songs? Request anything Christmas Eve and Other Stories to Letters From the Labyrinth. Strangely there are a lot of covers of Sarajevo and a few of Wizards in Winter but not really many others, which is surprising. For the contests back in the day there were a number for Dreams of Fireflies and one woman on youtube did an incredible cover of Toccata. But if anyone out there wants to list two or three of their top favorite TSO songs I would be glad to record some covers for all of you! I also have an amazing electric violin but no amp but I'm sure I could get one if you really want to hear it on electric ;-) Same electric model as used by Asha and Roddy, and previously Caitlin Moe and Alison Zlotow.

It doesn't have to be just instrumental songs either. If one of your favorites is a vocal song, request it!