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Full Version: East/West: Is there a list for 2017?
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Looking to see who is on which squad (sounds like intramural sports)

As well as which cities are considered on each side.

I am in Charlotte NC, so I would presume to be East.   But one never knows.  Smile
Per danfromnj,

This is the West cast: So all the ones who are NOT shown here. Wink

Al Pitrelli and Angus Clark on guitar
Johnny Lee Middleton on bass
Jane Mangini and Vitalij Kuprij on keys
Blas Elias is on drums now that they have replaced John O'Reilly
Asha Mevlana on electric violin

Vocalists are JSS, John Brink, Dino Jelusic, Mats Leven, Andrew Ross, Chloe Lowery, April Berry. Rosa Laricchiuta, Ashley Hollister, Jodi Katz
Narrator is Phillip Brandon
The East list is:

Chris Caffery & Joel Hoekstra - Guitar
Mee Eun Kim & Derek Weiland - Keyboards
Roddy Chong - Electric Violin
Jeff Plate - Drums
Tony Dickinson - Bass
Bryan Hicks - Storyteller

Vocalists: Natalia Rose, Georgia Napolitano, Kayla Reeves-Lopez, Dustin Brayley, Lisa Lavie, Robin Borneman, Rob Evan, Russell Allen, Ava Davis, Zak Stevens