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Full Version: Dustin Brayley/Other TSO singers/East vs West
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Dustin Brayley has done a SUPERB job singing What Child Is This recently that I have totally forgotten the guy who sang it before something like Ron or Bob Levin something like that. lol Who cares right now. Out of sight out of mind. How long is Reeves going to be with TSO? SO tired of her yelling screaming growling over pronunciations already. Her Safest Way Into Tomorrow is HORRIBLE! plain and simple. Looks like Lavie is taking lessons from Reeves in screaming yelling growling and over pronouncing words. Stevens is a joke just going through the motions literally. The only real singers East has is Dustin and Georgia and Russell. Chong is nothing but a clown running jumping flying through the air and Hoeskstra must have a bad back or legs always on that one knee. lol Tony D and Mee Eun are adequate. I kinda gave up on Caffery a while ago. Derek is the only real musician East has. At one time I said East had the better singers but West had the better musicians. While I still say West has the better musicians especially now with Blas Elias who does the same thing Plate does with half the drums and cymbals and more flair  I now say West has the better singers too. I have seen many West videos to say what I just did.