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Full Version: TSO new hires for 2015 tour - Joe Retta
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Looks like there will be some new faces on the 2015 tour.

Joe Retta:

[Image: Joe-web.jpg]

Joe originally announced that he would be singing with the East troupe. On October 8th he corrected the info on Facebook by saying that TSO "has decided to have me on the West Coast tour instead of the East Coast as originally planned."

This is one bio I found on him:

Powerhouse front man Joe Retta hails originally from Rochester, New York and was raised on 70s R&B and rock, during an era when, as he describes it, “music had more soul and was more diverse.” Joe’s primary strength as a vocalist lies in his amazing vocal range. In addition, he is gifted with an innate adaptability, and is able to switch gears with ease to sing in a wide variety of styles from blues to rock.

His influences include such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Steve Marriott, Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio and, in fact, Joe has won accolades from both of the latter legendary rock and roll front men for his cover versions of their material. Joe took a hiatus from the L.A. scene in the early 90s to spend time with his family, and he earned his keep doing behind-the-scenes work in commercials and movie soundtracks.

Joe has been active in the last few years doing primarily three things:

Singing in the Dio cover band "Holy Diver" as well as recently joining the official Dio cover band (Dio Disciples) as co-lead vocalist. Here he is with Holy Diver:

He also joined a version of the band "The Sweet", the band that had a string of hits in the mid-70s (Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, Love is like Oxygen). Though the original vocalist and drummer have passed away, the bass player and guitarist each continue to tour with their own versions of The Sweet, and Retta sings with the bass player's version:

He also joined the melodic rock band Heaven & Earth as their new lead vocalist, where he got to write and sing original new music:

Thanks for posting this stuff. I never heard of this guy before. He sure has the rock star look though. He has a solid voice - makes me wonder what he will be singing on the TSO tour.
And here is Joe singing the Johnny Green cover for TSO: