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Full Version: Dino Jelusic's Ray Gillen tribute
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This is an April 2019 interview with Greg where he touched on working with Paul also (28:55 - 33:57) where he explained more about how Paul mixed out the bass, changed the drum sounds against their wishes and did 30 takes per song:

"There was something about him [Paul] that would make you think 'Something's not right here'"

"On that first Badlands record, the only stuff he produced is the stuff that doesn't sound right. Paul O'Neill behind our backs added some triggers to the drums and we didn't know about it until it was actually mastered...Because he changed the drum sound, he buried the bass and Jake wasn't really happy with that."

"Part of the deal we made was that Paul O'Neill would produce the first record.  He didn't know anything and having him produce it was like me saying  "I'll be in NASA but I want to fly the space shuttle"

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