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Full Version: Who else is hoping for a NIGHT CASTLE tour?
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I really have been hoping for an announcement for a spring, summer or even fall tour when Paul O'Neill finally decides to do a full Night Castle tour. He said in a press release a while back that the tour would be a monster one. Particularly because there's a part, or that the set, involves Times Square so they had to be granted permission to use it in the show. But I really have been hoping for this for a while because I love TSO when it cements itself as not just a Christmas rock band.

Beethoven's Last Tour did that beautifully but they ended it after three years and we haven't seen that show since 2012. I'm hoping for this soon. Plus after they bring back Christmas Eve and Other Stories for this year (it's what we're all assuming is going to happen) then they will have toured all of the albums except for NC. I seriously doubt they will ever fully tour Letters From the Labyrinth. It doesn't have a story like the others do and... let's face it. It's the weakest of all six by a long shot. Night Castle, which I love, is a freaking masterpiece compared to Letters. They'll just do occasional songs from it during the second half of the winter tour.
Gotta say, I was hoping for a spring tour too. But it seems like everyone has their own little projects; I don't recall them all being tied up before like this. Metal Church, Kayla and Lance, Vitaly talking about touring on his own in '17 sometime and Circle II Circle.

I would enjoy going to one of their shows WITHOUT having to drag along heavy winter coats.
another spring tour, sure, but night castle.... no way i want to sit through that story.
I would love to see a spring tour. During the BLN tour, I was a poor grad student who couldn't afford tickets to see TSO during the spring and the winter. So unfortunately, I never went. I would love to see some of the West members on a spring tour.