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Full Version: I hope the older style of concert intros make a return
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Ever since TLCE 2013, TSO has been very insistent on using these short CGI animated films to begin their shows with, and while I think they are pretty cool, I gotta say they really don't capture the feeling of "oh shit, we're gonna see a kickass neo-classical metal show". I think that the intros they had in the 2000s to early 2010s were a lot cooler. Hearing the low pitched drone as the stage begins to slowly light up, the sinister ambience, and the bell tolling as the lighting rig goes up...The Who I Am performance from 2011 tour exemplifies this perfectly...

The 3 big choral numbers that they have been opening with in recent years are not my favorite, but I do agree with the low pitched drone, the ambience, and the bell tolling were VERY cool in the opening sequence.  This is possibly my favorite opening and would love to see a return to something similar:

This was a pretty cool opening sequence also, where they opened with the Verdi remake, but still had that very cool ambiance leading into it.: