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RE: R.I.P. David Z - danfromnj - 01-11-2020

Another wonderful tribute, this time from Jeff Scott Soto and his band Sons of Apollo.

“From the few seconds of hearing this song, it guided me to write the lyrics about our dear friend and colleague, David Z. David was one of the greatest, funniest and kindest humans I have ever known, he had friendships with most all of us in SOA but Mike and I were certainly the closest. I thought it fitting to include this tribute to him from us in this haunting, incredible body of music” - Jeff Scott Soto

“This video is a great tribute to our dear friend David Z. Jeff and I were particularly close with him and I was honored that Jeff invited me to sing the harmonies with him on the Choruses for us to both share our love for our friend that was tragically taken from us way too soon” - Mike Portnoy