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New Savatage compilation CD - danfromnj - 04-25-2015

A new compilation is being released in June:

[Image: Page1.jpg]

The booklet is slated to contain "personal memories of Jon Oliva, with rare pictures and press quotes to the two past performances at Wacken Open Air."

Hall of the Mountain King
Gutter Ballet
Edge of Thorns
The Wake of Magellan
Dead Winter Dead
The Hourglass
Tonight He Grins Again
Prelude to Madness
When the Crowds are Gone

16-minute Promo Video for this release here:

RE: New Savatage compilation CD - MikeNY - 04-28-2015

I like the cover art. Would be cool if thats the setlist for this year's Wacken show.

RE: New Savatage compilation CD - aaroninmaine - 11-20-2015

Is just ANOTHER comp album, of which I already have numerous? And, press releases? Wow. Not quite like reading a press release by an early Rolling Stone mag on the Velvet Underground.

They can do so much better. There's music in the vault. A live CD featuring ALL the line-ups from Avatar to Frost/Jiniya is my eternal wish list. Let alone ANY recordings with Jiniya to solidify his role in the band.