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Avantasia - danfromnj - 02-24-2019

Anyone a fan of  Tobias Sammet's metal opera project Avantasia?  He has a number of albums that all are in the symphonic metal genre with a who's who of great vocalists guesting, including Jon Oliva and Russell Allen a few years back.

They have a very good new album called "Moonglow" and the first track on it is getting a lot of comparisons to late-era Savatage and Meat Loaf in reviews:

RE: Avantasia - danfromnj - 02-24-2019

And this is the one where Jon Oliva sang lead from their 2010 album:

RE: Avantasia - admin - 02-28-2019

Yes, big fan of the first two but I lost track after that...

RE: Avantasia - wickfam - 03-01-2019

Hmmm.... Like the sound. Heading off to Spotify to listen to some more.....