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New from Chloe Lowery - danfromnj - 01-10-2016

A couple amazing Chloe Lowery-sung tracks came out over the last couple months and need to be spotlighted a bit:

"Try" by Phantasma

Phantasma is a symphonic rock musical put together by Serenity’s lead vocalist George Neuhauser, Everon’s Oliver Philipps (Guitars/Keys/Vocals) and Delain’s lead vocalist Charlotte Wessels that features music centered around the novella, The Deviant Hearts, written by Wessels.

The song that Chloe sings ("Try") is an epic symphonic anthem - and Chloe really shines here. It seems a perfect fit for her, with the wide ranging dynamics where Chloe can go from a whisper-like vocal to belting it out.  The male voice that you hear on this song is Dennis Schunke. He is in an amazing band himself - Van Canto (a German a cappella metal band)

The album includes a number of guests besides Chloe, most notable for this forum is Jason Gianni, drummer for DareDevil Squadron and one-time back-up drummer for TSO.

RE: New from Chloe Lowery - danfromnj - 01-10-2016

Also released late in 2015 is Joel Hoekstra's most recent solo album ("13") and this includes a killer song featuring a duet with Jeff Scott Soto and Chloe Lowery. Clocking in at almost six minutes long, "What We Believe" is a bit of an epic track :

Though I am no fan of Joel's cliched rock-star poses and mugging when performing live, I am a fan of his music and musicianship - obviously a supremely talented guitar player. This album has tons of special guests but this song stands out to me. Chloe and JSS tear it up with sublime vocal harmonies.

RE: New from Chloe Lowery - nosferatu - 01-11-2016

These are just f'ing great.

RE: New from Chloe Lowery - MikeNY - 01-12-2016

Yeah! These are great! I knew she had a song on the Joel album, but I never heard of that Phantasma project. That Phantasma song is better than anything on the new TSO album! And that duet with Soto is rockin'! I could sit and listen to her sing all day.