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Got to see WoW last evening in York.  Front row basically dead center.  Let me preface this by saying, although I live in York, never again will I attend ANY function downtown.  Streets are like Beirut on a bad day, parking is abysmal.

Ok, now that that's out of my system,  excellent show.  Like someone mentioned, like the days of TSO before technology became such a huge overriding concern.  

Guy's voice is really strong.  

My favorite was Tommy on drums though.  As I walked the reception line after the show, I suggested to Scott Kelly that Tommy be able to stretch his legs a little more and give us a solo.  That went over like a lead balloon.  Guy said no, we can't have that, we just throw a banana over the drum shield to keep him happy.  

Sharon's vocals on QOTWN were just spot on.  

The talent in the band is really obvious, definitely worth going to see.  I'm kinda hoping they'll maybe branch out a little more, by that I mean get away from the holiday stuff (for the other 8 months of the year) and venture into a little more less pigeon-holed genre.  It would be worth a shot.

Let me preface this by saying, this was MY experience, your results may differ.  
The sound quality I can only speak to from Tommy's drums.   2nd time in the past 30 days I've come to discover front row IS NOT the best for sound (at least at these indoor classy places; outdoors at festivals being up front and only hearing stage monitors is the only way to go).  
Drums stood out loud and crisp with real punch.  Guitars I could pick up but it wasn't easy.  I could catch snippets of violin but would've preferred more, I couldn't separate the sound well enough. (Roddy's good but he's no where near as cute as Jenn; he should work on that).  

All in all, great show, good music selection, looks like everyone enjoys what they're doing, made for a good, enjoyable evening out and a production I plan on seeing again.

For those that are so inclined, I shot 295 photos last evening, I'll have a selection uploaded tonite on the WoW  facebook page if you want to see the production.

Trying to add a couple photo attachments but so far no luck; they don't seem to attach here.
Well, got the attachement thing figured out, now my resolution for the pics must be too high as the file size is too big. Oh well, later this evening or tomorrow morning, i'll have shots up on the WoW page. And I must say, i got some good ones and I'm about as picky as they come.
Cool review!  I really dig The Wizards of Winter.  TSO is good for the crazy, over the top stuff and fire and cheerleading.  But I find I like the message these guys have better and their talent is top notch.  I am used to Bryan Hicks' booming style of narrating, but I can see why Tony Gaynor was so beloved with TSO West for all of those years - different style but I like it.  I also like that they have actual flute playing going on and the vocals are really strong.

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