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New from Chloe Lowery
A couple amazing Chloe Lowery-sung tracks came out over the last couple months and need to be spotlighted a bit:

"Try" by Phantasma

Phantasma is a symphonic rock musical put together by Serenity’s lead vocalist George Neuhauser, Everon’s Oliver Philipps (Guitars/Keys/Vocals) and Delain’s lead vocalist Charlotte Wessels that features music centered around the novella, The Deviant Hearts, written by Wessels.

The song that Chloe sings ("Try") is an epic symphonic anthem - and Chloe really shines here. It seems a perfect fit for her, with the wide ranging dynamics where Chloe can go from a whisper-like vocal to belting it out.  The male voice that you hear on this song is Dennis Schunke. He is in an amazing band himself - Van Canto (a German a cappella metal band)

The album includes a number of guests besides Chloe, most notable for this forum is Jason Gianni, drummer for DareDevil Squadron and one-time back-up drummer for TSO.

Also released late in 2015 is Joel Hoekstra's most recent solo album ("13") and this includes a killer song featuring a duet with Jeff Scott Soto and Chloe Lowery. Clocking in at almost six minutes long, "What We Believe" is a bit of an epic track :

Though I am no fan of Joel's cliched rock-star poses and mugging when performing live, I am a fan of his music and musicianship - obviously a supremely talented guitar player. This album has tons of special guests but this song stands out to me. Chloe and JSS tear it up with sublime vocal harmonies.
These are just f'ing great.
Yeah! These are great! I knew she had a song on the Joel album, but I never heard of that Phantasma project. That Phantasma song is better than anything on the new TSO album! And that duet with Soto is rockin'! I could sit and listen to her sing all day.

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