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Sound at concerts
(01-01-2022, 08:49 AM)admin Wrote: Does anyone have an understanding of how to get the best sound at concerts?

The sound at most concerts I attend is poor, with outdoor shows being the worst.  Once everyone is playing, it just sounds like mud...   I usually end up with cheap seats upstairs and the sound is either too low or too loud and shrill, with no punch.

The best sound I have heard at a concert was TSO at Nassau Coliseum a while ago when I was able to get seats on the floor in the fifth row.  Honorable mention to Y&T who played at a small bar in town and I was right on the stage.  Each shot of the bass drum went through your ribs.  The mix was great.  Loud, crisp and CLEAR.  No mud!

Is it safe to conclude that the best sound will always be from floor/center?  Don't arenas have sound systems with speakers throughout? If not, wouldn't that make an interesting upgrade?  Imagine woofer speakers below each seat.  It would make a world of difference.
Generally, seats near the sound booth would be the best, and those are always floor. I find near the stage is also often kick-ass, especially in smaller venues.

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