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Winter Tour 2016 Setlist
(11-21-2016, 10:23 AM)TSOfan Wrote: Don’t know if anyone has seen this but looks like setlists are out there for the first shows. Looks like a pretty good mix. Still no Tracers. :-(

I liked the 2016 setlist. The first half was predictable but What Child Is This made the show for me and CCR is my favorite song. I didn't care for Who I Am which was out of place as most choir tunes they have done to open has and would have preferred Night Enchanted which at least has some connection. I don't understand why Anno Domine was never done for an opening choir tune which would fit any of the four stories they have done now. The second half was all great r&r with one exception I will get to. Christmas Jam lacked some punch for some reason this year than from past years; I enjoyed  hearing Last Illusion again and teaming it with CNIB was brilliant imo; always like Carmina Burana/O Fortuna which is what TSO is all about -the power of rock with the majesty of classical-that video should be used to open every show; gotta have Wizards; totally ignored Kayla as usual(my exception point)-I focused on Joel playing the guitar during Someday and watched the video during Night Conceives-I was hoping for Mountain Labyrinth but got Madness of Men instead which I heard last year but there is a drive to that song which is good; always like to hear Mountain again what does does best rock/classical; I enjoyed Find Our Way Home even though I thought it would slow things down after Mountain and before the finale and even though I think they could have done more of a hard rocker there is a certain drive to that song too; the finale is worth the price of admission alon as always.

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