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Orlando 2016
This only our third year of going to see TSO live. I was a fan for many years but didn't go to the shows. That being said, I still see the show as a newcomer and am still in awe of what it is.

We had front row seats on the right side of the stage for Orlando. It was a new experience seeing it from this close. Our necks were a little sore the next night but you really get to see the performers better from up close. Asha Mevlana came up to the front of the stage while my wife was taking pictures and gave her rock star pose but the picture came out blurry. A piece of string fell from the ceiling and landed on my wifes' shoulder while Andrew Ross was standing in front of us playing guitar. I picked up the string and looked at it then looked at him. He looked up at the ceiling looked back at me and shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Front row was fun.

During the finale, Paul O'Neill was playing guitar in front of us and pointed at the young girl behind me so I leaned to the side and he threw her his glasses then went down the stage and tossed out a couple more pair. As the band was playing the final crescendo he handed his guitar to Andrew and pulled off his coat the pulled off the jacket he had on underneath and tossed it the the young girl behind me on the other side. They appeared to be sisters there with their Dad. After the end of the show Paul came out and started walking down the front of the stage like he was looking for someone. He came back my way and I asked him if he was looking for the girl he threw the jacket to. He was looking for the girl with the glasses. I pointed her out and he chased after her. One of the guys with him told us he had accidentally thrown her his prescription glasses. He gave both girls glasses, jackets, tour programs, and pulled off a few $100 bills. They were to keep some and give a couple away to someone they didn't know and would never see again. I thought about pointing out that they didn't know me and I could promise them they'd never see me again, but decided not ... Smile. We shook his hand and told him we appreciate and enjoyed the show.

Without much to compare to from past shows we really enjoyed it. We also caught the show in Tampa the next day.

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