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Vitalij is too good
(01-09-2017, 12:38 PM)danfromnj Wrote:
(01-07-2017, 02:37 AM)TSOd Wrote: I think Vitalij is too good for TSO. He is stuck "upstairs" where the informed fan let alone the casual fan doesn't get to see his genius unless there is the piano duel or one was lucky enough to see him "downstairs" during BLN 2011 and 2012. Vitalij is a graduate of the Curtis Institute which is THE hardest school to get into per capita even then Julliard Ivy League and Military. Occasionally Vitalij posts selfies of himself playing or practicing on his Facebook page where I watch in awe.  There are videos of Vitalij playing with a symphony orchestra and at The Curtis Institute playing something called The Hen. He has a BRILLIANT pure piano album called 12 Months of the Year that I think shows his talent more then the progressive work he has put out; and for the real fan there is an album of Vitalij playing Chopin and Liszt. I don't know why Vitalij doesn't play more in the offseason. I would like to see a show where he plays some Classical and Progressive. This is my opinion only and does not mean everyone has to agree or disagree with me. I would like to hear what others think of The Maestro though. Along with Al Vitalij are TSOs best musicians, just my opinion again.

I am a fan of VK.  He is amazingly talented and a real unique character as well.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2016 and he played for me some music that he was working on - pretty stunning stuff and played with such ease.  With his talent, he is very under-utilized in TSO but at least he has gained a bit of a higher profile amongst fans since he got hired by them.
The Maestro. A higher visual presence for sure but how many REALLY see his talent his genius?

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