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Guy LeMonnier talks TSO, Kings of Christmas, more in new interview
(01-27-2015, 10:03 AM)admin Wrote: What is "the truth"? I have read for a while that Paul O'Neill is a perfectionist and can be a tyrant.  I also read from an interview with Alex Skolnick that he appreciated the TSO gigs but he felt stifled creatively.  It is Paul's way or NO WAY.

I guess he controls the money and the direction.  Obey or else. Smile

He (they) have put together a money making machine after so many years of struggles so I guess you can't blame him that much.  Why mess with what isn't broken even if it does feel stale and choreographed at times.  

I get why Alex left... creativity and all that. Hated to see him go. However, I don't blame him one bit because he probably wasn't going to have a lot of input if any. I am glad I haven't read anything about him thrashing TSO management, etc. However, he is in a different boat than some of the other folks who left (by choice or not). Testament is still pretty successful, he gets creative input, and has some other side gigs (if you are into jazz, AST is pretty killer).

As for the truth? It's really none of my business. It's my choice to buy the album or go to the show. Personally, I don't disagree with the direction Paul has brought the band (although a new record would be great). He puts his money where his mouth is and delivers a spectacular show... year-after-year. All while keeping the ticket prices relatively low. Choreographed? Yeah... with as big as the show has gotten it is probably necessary from a safety stand point. Stale show? Not the first half at least. I think they made a great decision to switch up the show the last few years and to visit Christmas Attic this year. The second half is where I would like a little more variety (and length). BUT I am constantly bitching about set lists, not just by TSO! I go into fits of rage whenever I see Kiss set lists these days!!!

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