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The Great Debate: Savatage=TSO or Savatage=/=TSO?
As a big fan of both bands, I can see both sides of this argument.

On the Savatage=TSO side, if you look at the musicians that play on the TSO albums as well as the very first iteration of TSO to perform live, it consists of pretty much all the former members of Savatage. Chris Caffery, Al Pitrelli, and Paul O'Neill on guitars, Johnny Lee Middleton on Bass, Jon Olivia and Robert Kinkle on Keyboards, and Jeff Plate on drums. In that, one could make the argument that they're the same band, albeit with a different name and a different goal in mind. Of course, on the other side of the argument, because the musical goals of TSO are just so different as opposed to Savatage...TSO being a Christmas orientated neo-classical prog rock band and Savatage being what is essentially a progressive thrash band with some classical influences, diehard fans of Savatage either outright dislike TSO or would rather keep the two bands separate.

However from what I've gathered from Damond Jiniya's facebook rant, it does appear that Night Castle Management essentially considers both bands to be one in the same and basically wants to force everybody to be okay with it, which is why the proposed Savatage reunion and 2018 summer tour was effectively cancelled before it was even announced. 

If that's really the case, then I think NC Management really should consider doing more than just the winter tours. Sure, the winter tours are the "main event" and something that Americans look forward to every holiday season, however if they really want to make Savatage fans happy, and be taken a little bit more seriously by metalheads, maybe consider doing some more summer tours for Beethoven's Last Night or Night Castle, or maybe do a show that doesn't have a narration, but consists of nothing but TSO and Savatage hits.....

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