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(05-06-2016, 05:05 AM)nosferatu Wrote: Was just reading this article from a Michigan news concerning resellers and the upcoming McCartney show.  Scroll down at the end of the article for some comments.

I remember quite some time ago on the old boards we talked about this.

I think making the concert attendee who presents the ticket(s) at the door produce the credit card with which the ticket(s) were purchased  would put at least a bit of a hurdle in the place of scalpers.
Yeah, it may make it difficult for some who try to sell extras but I think the benefit for the majority of fans who could actually getting good seats far outweighs the downside for the others.

Ok, feel free to fry me


It's a good idea, Iron Maiden did something similar at opening night of the Book of Souls tour in February. We got AWESOME seats through the FC, but it was credit card entry. You had to swipe the card you purchased with at the door (special line for it) and they printed the seat voucher/locations right there from a mobile printer hanging from the person's waste. Which worked great, but it is nerve-wracking with how many times my cards have been stolen over the last few years.

Another drawback would be if you buy tix 5 months in advance as I did with this show. What it you lose your card or a new number is issued? I looked into that and found you would need to write Ticketmaster and basically jump through hoops!

As for TSO, I am ready for them to go to a paid FC for tickets. I have no prob paying 25-30 bucks or so a year. It would weed out some scalpers and some fair weather fans.

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