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Will TSO be on tour this Christmas Season 2021?
(06-04-2021, 10:56 PM)TheBigTBone Wrote:
(06-04-2021, 10:46 PM)KISSAlien Wrote:
(06-04-2021, 09:11 AM)TheBigTBone Wrote: Just wondering if anyone has any news IF TSO will be touring this season? In Raleigh, NC Guns and Roses are scheduled to be at PNC arena on September 29th and I know that can change if the COVID numbers start going back up (which I doubt because it is not an election year). Also in Raleigh the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going on at the same arena with the last crowd estimated at nearly 17,000 packed in. I have no clue to what TSO is going to do, and it may be a state by state thing. Some states are still in over caution mode and others like Florida are wide, wide open. Sure hoping to see some news as to what this season holds for the die hard TSO fans. Any news? Please pass it on. Cool

They don't make the announcement until August.
Yes I know that, but because of the past year and TSO not touring, there is that question in most fans mind wondering if they will be on the road this year. I myself am not up to watching  them on a "live stream", there was nothing live about that show...want to see them from front row in PNC arena.

Any band that have an annual tour book the arenas for the next year or more well ahead of time. There may be some tentative dates, but for the most part the tour is already booked at least a year in advance. So even knowing that the tour is booked doesn't mean there is a tour to follow.

But we all know that this is how the bands and the arenas make their money. If at all possible they will tour. They just have to find the tipping point of what percentage of arenas will be open and at what percentage can they fill it.

If 75% of the arenas are open but only at 50% capacity they may say that makes no financial sense. At this point if I had put my money down I would say there WILL be a tour. But that can change at a moments notice.

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