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New profile/interview piece on Paul O'Neill from a British magazine
British magazine "New Statestman" did a piece on Paul and TSO. I found it pretty interesting - the reporter even got input from fellow Englanders Anna Phoebe and Greg Lake for the article for their opinions on how TSO would work in the UK. (Lake: “I don’t necessarily think it will work over here. I don’t necessarily think they’d be doing themselves any favours. What is it, the money? They’re not going to sell 100,000 tickets!”)

You also learn what Paul carries in his coat pocket that he does not throw out to the fans and what he thinks of Donald Trump:
nice to see the article start out with an example of pauls complete focus of everything he does getting turned into self promotion

and if you truly think this as an artist:
“That is one of the things we need to do,” he says. “I need to explain this to the fans!”
maybe you should back of the long winded stories and get back to just some good music!

what a pompous ass.
Great read.

I knew he was "the boss" but never knew he was so wealthy, eccentric and secretive. I met him impromptu at a show in the Beacon years ago and he seemed very friendly and down to earth. He shook my hand, signed my book, etc.

I would like to learn more about him and his riches.
I finally read this article. He certainly is a generous, weird guy.
generous, yea i guess. but when you talk so much about it its all about self promotion more so than being a good charitable person.

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