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How did the ticket process go today?
I got tickets ordered...I think. Took me longer than expected. I did not realize I would need credit card. I am so used to using Paypal. So, after denial, I called and had bank to increase daily limit. Waited about 5-10 minutes and finally got purchase. Floor Section AAA row 7 (I think).

Problem came when I submitted payment and did not get the denial, it took me to a page with other shows listed. I did not get any confirmation there or any emails confirming the purchase. I was about to try again but got denials. After a couple more tries, I called bank and was informed that the first purchased DID go through.

So, I say it was a very crappy process!! I have spent $400 on tickets and have nothing telling me what I paid for! Have had no luck finding support either. Way to go Ticketmaster!! Just wish TSO would deal with companies that know what they are doing! I was not happy with how the livestream was handled last year...and now this! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth! Such a shame...TSO fans deserve better!

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RE: How did the ticket process go today? - by Magnumrulz - 09-10-2021, 06:28 AM

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