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2021 Reviews?
I saw the show at the new UBS Arena in Elwood NY and I think this is definitley one of their better shows. I'd say its way better than CEAOS 2019

- Welcome as a show opener was fu'cking amazing. I LOVE the fact that TSO is beginning to do more Savatage seeing as how the two bands have pretty much merged at this point. TSO IS Savatage these days. Also this was probably the best version of Beethoven they've done in years.

-I actually found the balls (tee hee lol yes I'm 12) to be a pretty cool effect, much better than the icicle lights as they created this amazing 3D illusion during Bryan Hicks' storytelling which was top notch as always.

-The stage itself was REALLY cool looking this year. I love how TSO is finally going away from the big elaborate CGI intros and giant jumbotrons and letting the lights and the rigs do all the magic, kinda like how they did it back around 2008-2011. 

-CEAOS itself was just as magical as it always is, NOBODY does Prince of Peace like Erika Jerry  Heart Heart 

-The second set was unfortunately a lot like 2014 Christmas Attic, it was extremely short and was definitley missing something. I absolutley LOVE the fact that they brought back Mozart and Memories as that is literally one of my all time favorite TSO instrumentals (and also a carryover Savatage song) However, only doing the second half of The Mountain was really dissapointing. They should have done both songs in their entirety like in 2011. I also LOVE the new heavier version of Joy Of Man's Desiring/Angels We Have Heard On High. Seeing as how we already had Old City Bar as the bathroom break song (I'm sorry to those who love that song) I wish they did another heavy song instead of a ballad like A Little Too Far. The second set really needed two or three more songs to make it seem complete, Like Siberian Sleigh Ride or Wish Liszt or something like Madness of Men or Toccata.

-The back of the arena element was cool, but definitley pretty lackluster compared to a singing tesla coil or cherry picker lifts. It's almost like they designed it for two players to stand on top of it, but because of the rise in covid cases nationwide, they decided to just turn it into a flamethrower thing.

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