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Vocal/guitar/keyborads parts
Does anybody have any insight how it is decised who sings what and who plays what?

In terms of vocals I find is somehow strange that the east and west group parts don't correspond. Chloe sings Prince Of Peace while Georgia not. O thought that during the story part of the show there are certain characters/voices needed. There were times when a male singer did what Kayla sang - sure, no need for characters in the second part of the show. 
Is it giving each of the bands a bit of uniqueness? Instead of having everything prescribed?
Does anyone remember similar differences, even some illogical?

I guess some of the girls are there to be only backup vocals and dance but it puzzles me that even the substitutions get solos and not the ones touring year after year. Well, with Jennifer Cella it's quite clear.
The way the guys switched parts is also interesting. Russel to sing Robin's songs and Robin taking Zak's song who ended up only with Welcome. At least all of them have something unlike the girls, especially the west ones.

What about the guitar parts? I have no clue here. Is it that Joel is the lead or primary lead guitar player of the east group and Chris rather a rhythm one? And does it mean that Joel pleays exactly the same parts as Al does and respectively Angus with Chris? It would make sense, since Al used to be more of the lead guitarist in Savatage. I'm curious why. Only because Chris used to play rhythm guitar when Criss was alive? So they kept it like this? I consider Chris one of the core players and faces of the whole project, I'd expect him wanting to be the lead. Maybe it's easier when they perfom in the combined version Big Grin

The same question goes for the keyboards. I guess that Derek and Jane play the piano parts and Mee Un Kim with Vitalij are there for all the synth parts.
Usually, Joel corresponds to Al and Caffery to Angus. I think the main exception is that Joel and Angus play the Christmas Canon rock solo.

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