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New Alex Skolnick Trio Live CD!
After four studio albums, The Alex Skolnick Trio have now released their first live album  "Live Unbound"

[Image: alexskolnicktrio13_large.jpg]

This album contains live versions of two of their reimagined remakes (Aerosmith's "Dream On" and Scorpions' "Still Loving You") along with a few songs from their last couple studio efforts.  The cd kicks off with two brand new tracks, "Unbound" and "Culture Shock"!

"This recording says that we don't have much use for limitations," says Skolnick. "Our live performances can take us anywhere, from the spirit of quintessential jazz guitar trios to distortion and chaos. It's all possible. We realized that the live element has been such an important part of what we do, but it’s just never been captured before and it’s never been put out. We have these great new songs that we wanted to do as well, so it just made sense to release them as live versions. (The album) gives us a chance to sort of re-introduce some of the material from earlier albums, but the way we play it live, even if you don’t get to catch us in concert.”

Available here:

They recently capped off a tour to support this - this is Alex and band performing one of the new songs from the album, "Culture Shock":

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