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2012 Winter Tour East - Charlotte NC w/ Greenville SC
UPDATE: Never mind! After watching bunches of youtube videos, I finally found one that looked familiar & contacted the person who posted it. Believe it or not, it was the guy who made the DVD! He's gonna try to replace mine if he can salvage his originals off an external drive that's not wanting to power up.....

Does anyone know who made this DVD? I got a copy of it way back then & it's my all-time favorite but I recently had to replace my DVD player & it won't play in the new one!!!!!! Or the one back in the kids' old bedroom. Or the one in our camper. Or... you get the picture. It's a double-layer DVD and for whatever reason, they just can't handle it.

I desperately want to get another copy but have searched & searched thru my emails & can't find who I got it from. And seems like, now that I think about it, all of our conversation was thru the messaging system on the old TSO Express boards.

[Image: 15134747_10209354465151533_2244462368343...e=58CACA04]
I have this disc. Great show.

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