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TSO Memorobilia and collectibles
If anyone is into TSO guitar picks I have a Facebook page dedicated to them. Great place to meet fellow collectors and maybe trade or donate extra picks to other fans. I would be delighted to take any unwanted TSO guitar picks off your hands. I keep an eye out for posts on the fan club pages where someone will ask how to get a pick for their kid/grandkid and I contact them privately and hook them up. I don't ever sell picks. Check us out here:
Hello there..are you still available to chat? I have a seemingly rare T Shirt you may be interested in..
I *used* to have the white ornament with the guitar on it, the year I bought it (which was also my first show EVER) I had it signed by just about everyone which I think even included Paul. That was also a year when Jill Gioia, who went on to Rockstar:Supernova, was in the band. 

I had it hanging in my bedroom with a couple of other small decorative items; my abusive then-bf who threw things, had a fit, and threw something, and smashed it. Needless to say, that relationship is long over. He got dumped on Valentine's Day in 2016.

Now my signed souvenir is the TSO Tiger 99 raglan 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, I have taken it twice thru the M&G line for signatures. 

I think I am done doing that though. At first I even wore it occasionally, signatures and all (you can run a Sharpie-signed clothing item in a hot dryer for an hour to set the ink) but am now planning to hang it up as a decoration.

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