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New Interview with TSO West Violinist Val Vigoda
As part of my long-running TSO Interview Series, I caught up with TSO West's original Concertmaster, Val Vigoda. Val joined up with TSO in the formative and crucial year of 2000, as the act was splitting into two touring casts for the first time. As Mark Wood headed East, Val assumed the role with the pioneering "Westies" for their first two tours.  Val has had a remarkably diverse and uncommon musical career, and is currently starring in an Off-Broadway musical that she co-created, still playing her trusty Viper violin.

Some of the subjects we covered:

- Her musical background and overcoming the challenges of singing and playing the violin at the same time
- Her long history with her theatrical pop/rock trio GrooveLily
- Playing arenas with Cyndi Lauper and Joe Jackson
- Joining up with TSO and working with the local string ensembles
- The typical routine and fun atmosphere of those early tours
- Her brilliant new live-looping solo album
- Her current endeavor: her adventurous musical Ernest Shackleton Loves Me


[Image: IMG_6429_1.jpg?format=1500w]
What a fun interview! She was before my TSO time but always cool to hear how it was in the early days. Definitely gonna check out her other stuff - she sounds great!

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