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Which Group Goes Where?
Hello all TSO fans! This will be my 10th year in a row seeing TSO, but I have a question. The 1st 9 years we always saw the East Coast Group, but last year in Indianapolis we had the West Coast Group. I have looked everywhere and even tried to message a band member several times about which group goes where. We really like Chris and the East Coast Group and want to make sure we go where they are this year. Anyone know how to find this out??? Thanks in advance!
Chris Caffery posted this:

[Image: 20841804_10156516950719368_1558467846330...e=59EF6C1D]
Awesome! Thanks Chris! Tried messaging you since last year we saw the West Coast Group in Indy several times but I'm sure you can answer everyone - now I know we will see your group this year! Looking forward to my 10th year in a row! Btw, why did we get the West Group last year in Indy if I may ask, we always had your group...

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