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The Wizards of Winter (with TSO alumni) - New Album and 2017 Tour Dates!
The Wizards of Winter - which include TSO legends Guy LeMonnier and Tony Gaynor - are releasing their third album and announced the first batch of their  tour dates for 2017.  This will be the first time that long-time TSO Westies Guy and Tony make their return to the West Coast in at least 7 years.

From Bravewords:

Holiday rock opera ensemble the Wizards Of Winter - featuring former members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rainbow and the bands of Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent - amazed audiences throughout the holiday seasons of 2015 and 2016 with their magical live performances and music from their latest full-length release, The Magic Of Winter. This year, the Wizards Of Winter are following up previous triumphs with a brand new tour and album.

Their third full-length album, The Christmas Dream, is set to be released later this year and will include all original holiday music in the style only the Wizards Of Winter can convey - enchanting, haunting and powerful. As with The Magic Of Winter, the new album is produced by Eric Rachel (in tandem with Wizards Of Winter's music director/keyboardist Scott Kelly) at Traxeast (Symphony X, Skid Row, Styx). The album art will once again be designed by classic rock album artist Ioannis (Deep Purple, Allman Brothers, Styx).

The Christmas Dream takes the listener on a musical "sleigh ride", covering many genres from pop to progressive rock. More details on the new album are set to be announced soon, and pre-sales will begin October 1st.

"This has been a fun album to write and record," says Scott Kelly. "We hope all of those who experienced 'The Magic Of Winter' with us further join us within our 'Christmas dream'!"

In addition to this news, the Wizards Of Winter are pleased to announce the first confirmed dates for their upcoming annual holiday tour, which will include stops in the northern Midwest and western US for the first time. Currently confirmed dates include stops in Florida, Illinois, Oregon, and other states across the nation.

Each night, the ensemble will evoke the spirit of Christmas, weaving a story entirely based on the The Magic Of Winter and The Christmas Dream albums. Each Wizards Of Winter performance showcases soaring vocal harmonies, precision string instrumentation, outstanding guitar leads, powerful percussion and stunning keyboard work.

This year's tour will feature the violin and back-up vocal talents of new member Ellie Krasner. Ellie joins the Wizards Of Winter after recently completing a national tour with the world-renowned Barrage 8, a unique string octet.  

Check back for more performance confirmations and ticket links via

Wizards Of Winter lineup:

Scott Kelly - Music Director, Keyboards
Sharon Kelly - Flute, Vocals
Fred Gorhau - Guitar
TW Durfy - Guitar
Tommy Ference - Drums
Greg Smith - Bass
Ellie Krasner - Violin
Mary McIntrye - Keyboards, vocals
Guy LeMonnier - Vocals
Vincent Jiovino - vocals
Shawna Mehall - Vocals
Tony Gaynor - Narration

I am a fan of this band and see them each year along with the larger TSO spectacle, and it is exciting to see them grow and watch the crowds embrace them and their original music, as they grew out of their early TSO-tribute-band years into 100% original music. If anyone hasn't caught one of their shows yet, I urge you to if they come to your area. Tons of great original Christmas Prog-Rock material and performances from some fantastic performers. It is a more intimate show - it might remind some of the theater years of TSO - as the music, the original Christmas story, and connecting with the audience are clearly the top priorities.  And for long-time TSO fans, its always a special treat hearing the stunning vocals of Guy LeMonnier singing such amazing new tunes alongside Tony Gaynor out front narrating and singing backing vocals.
A fun video with a sneak peek of new Wizards music - a new holiday anthem!


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