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Thoughts on what this year's lighting rig might be like?
I'm an amateur stage/effects lighting geek who used to post on the Express Boards. Someone here may recall my write-ups on each year's stage, lighting, rigging, effects, etc. which I could post again, if anybody actually likes that stuff like I do. If you've seen this year's rig plan, or when you see it, I'd appreciate a spoiler note, so I don't read it before I see the snow in November. That being said, does anyone have hopes of what sort of arrangement they'll use?

Their moving rigs can, I think, be broken down into types:

-- Individual four-point units (5 x 5 squares in 2007; 4 circles with inner projection surfaces in 2012; 4 x 4 squares in 2015)

-- Inner-and-outer or concentric sets (3 sets of three rectangles in 2008 with video screen platforms as the inner set, a favorite of mine; 3 sets of two triangles in 2011, 2 sets of two diamonds in 2013, 1 set of two diamonds + four outer triangles in 2015)

-- Parallel bars (6 x 6, left and right, in 2005; 4 x 4, left and right with elbow joints in 2009; 3, 2, 3, 2 front-to-back in 2014)

-- Perpendicular bars (4 bars with crosspieces in 2004, the first year for moving trusses; 9 bars, four straight, four with center joint in 2006; 9 bars, five front and five rear in 2010)

What design is the most versatile? Most interesting visually? My preferences are for the rows of boxes (2007 and 2015) for their wide versatility; I saw an interview in which it was said that, when there was the brief silence between "Prince of Peace" and "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" in '07, and the sets of boxes slide down into a frown shape to focus on the singer and their motion is completely silent, they thought that was stunning. I love '08s (my first year) for the three platforms with video screens, hit with a lightning effect to draw the eye to the performers coming down on them, and dropped down nearly vertical at the end to show "T S O." I also much prefer the catwalks to the boom lifts, but I see the appeal in both.

I continue to love that this is a show, and these are performers, for which no effects are needed-- they can stand alone-- and yet, not only do they also have all of this lighting and effects wizardry, but it's well-arranged, well-choreographed, and they give each effect its time to be a prima donna. (KISS tours with a lot of the same stuff TSO uses, but I feel they tend to use every effect in every song).

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