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Reviews of the 2017 tour
(12-08-2017, 05:30 AM)Lalbright Wrote: You should see Straight No Chaser in Louisville or Cincinnati next year!  They are a hoot! I think most of us have diverse tastes in music.....I love Broadway musicals too!

They're on my wish list for sure. I really like their music.

And you will NOT believe this... Home Free does an intermission about halfway thru their show to encourage you to buy t-shirts, give their voices a break, etc. During said intermission, they have music playing thru the speakers.... Last night, the 2nd song to come thru was "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" by TSO. My husband & I absolutely cracked up! People around us were looking at us like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM???????" He looked at a guy who was sitting really close to us giving us the hairy eyeball & just said "It was a lot LOUDER last Thursday....."

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