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Rob Evan dropping out mid-tour!?!?!?!?
(06-25-1970, 12:08 PM)Flyer Wrote: I doubt that it's a tired of stuff thing or there's more to it than what he has already stated. That would have been more Paul's style than Chris' I would think to dismiss him and act like it wasn't their decision. As for Dustin, he was obvious choice to take the song since he did it for the West a few years ago. I hope the future isn't messed up too much by those in charge now also (I assume Al has the most say in things). I actually had hoped in years to come that some other projects would get finished and come to light now that Paul is gone. Seems like he may have been holding them back. I thought maybe they would have a new show this year but I'm sure time constraints since his passing would have made it hard to come up with new program. Easier to put same show on again. From what I've seen on videos, nothing has changed at all except a couple of songs maybe. I do find it odd that Rob would leave with only a few weeks left to go. He should have known what he needed to do for future projects before starting the tour but maybe he underestimated the Voice thing. I am curious to see how long some of the other vocalist stay around. I don't see Zak staying only to do one song and there's already a rumor that this might be Russll's last year. A lot of these vocalist have left (or forced out in some cases) and really never gone on to do anything else. Rob's obviously got bigger plans. The rest don't really. Most have other projects but none really seem to have a promising future at the moment except maybe Russell.

1) What goes on behind the scenes is not always made public. Rob made a statement and its great that he has so many irons in the fire that he was able to walk away.
2) Al does have say in things, but he is one of several
3) This year's Ghost tour was decided and planned before Paul died - they already had wheels in motion for this Show
4) Not sure about Russell's immediate future - Adrenaline Mob is done and things don't look promising for Symphony X. I heard he is endorsing some brand of Rum though. He is always a rock vocalist in demand though. I would say JSS and Chloe have the most promising immediate future. JSS for the first time is getting love from US audiences because of his Sons of Apollo supergroup release and Chloe is hitting Broadway with Rocktopia and a solo release.
I would be severely sad if Russell dropped out. I much prefer him here than in any of his other acts.

Is there a source for that rumor? And any reason given?
I hope TSO Management, which in large part would be Paul's wife, takes a look at the situation and doesn't allow things to degrade. They're still selling plenty of tickets. Don't mess that up.

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