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This site
In addition to all of the above, I'd like to encourage intelligent discussion on this board. Disagreements will occur because we all have our own opinions and I'm fine with that. I left the Facebook page because of the personal attacks on people that were just ridiculous. I was told that they weren't going to be tolerated but nothing was ever done about it. I like a good discussion but, a personal attack because you thought last year's show wasn't the greatest show on earth is crazy and that happened MANY times. Let's not do it here please.
If I may suggest establishing a separate forum on the board for the posting of pictures would be something I would be interested in. Also an "Off Topic" forum for things non tso related like a plea for help for someone who's child has cancer for example some folks. It would have to be made very clear that any nasty stuff as determined by the admin will get you the boot from the B.B. That would also give the admin a place to move off topic threads to without deleting them. It would have to be strictly monitored for name calling, threats, personal attacks but then that has to be done to the entire board anyway otherwise you end up with a tsoexpress type of board.

I can only speak for myself when I say that pleas for help from someone who is battling a life threatening illness or has a loved one battling it will never offend me. It will get me to help them and lives have been saved that way. Actually establishing a separate form for such things wouldn't be an issue if people would simply choose not to read threads that offend them. It has always seemed very childish to me for someone to read such posts knowing that they do not like them and then complain that such posts should not be permitted in effect punishing the whole group because of their personal preference.

ADMIN: If this is out of line then please delete my post.
(02-16-2015, 07:25 AM)Hawkeye Wrote: And those are the reasons I don't do FaceBook.

I am so tired of the Facebook pages too but they can and do serve a good purpose.

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