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my band Scars Blue
hey guys, you can snatch up my bands 1st EP for free on bandcamp.

I'm very proud of our first release. I for one was very excited to have Christopher Kinder from Jon Oliva's Pain handling the mastering duties for the first project. (he will be handling those duties on the new release as well). so even though we were a little limited on our technology for recording, it was a bit more of live in studio than a properly polished album, but i like the raw stuff Wink

we are in the middle of new recording sessions right now after having seriously upgraded our studio. its already sounding a million times better then the first one, and we only have bass & drums done so far! its going to be a beast! plus we have really grown as a band. we hadnt even played a show yet before recorded the first EP.

you can find us on facebook as well

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