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What are the correct lyrics to The Unholy?
This was the one song that did not have the lyrics printed in the CD book.  I think these lyrics are wrong:

This song will probably give a heart attack to new TSO fans, so beware if you have not heard it before.Smile  It may not be your cup of decaf.
I can't help you with the lyrics but I love this song. It makes me chuckle every time I hear it and juxtapose it against the TSO image.
I happen to have the Songbook of Gutter Ballet from Cherry Lane and there the lyrics are printed as this: 

In distant ages long ago, 

before the birth of Christ
Lived a race of drifting souls,
terror on the rise
United the army was strong
They ruled the astral plains
No one could stop them, they wouldn’t fall
The world they would soon reign

A step beyond the grave
A vision so insane
They’ve opened the gates of hell

Calling, calling
Unholy light is calling
Faster, faster
Prelude for disaster
You scream but no one hears your cries

oh yeah!
The unholy

Raging spirits kept from light
inslaved [sic!] in worlds of doom
Marching armies from the darker side
The devils black platoon
Torches raised, no one was saved
victory was theirs
Such was life in the unholy years
A step beyond the grave
Thanks. That seems more likely.

I remember seeing that songbook many years ago in a music store and never bought it. Nice find.

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