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Newly posted Kayla Reeves interview
Here's an interview with Kayla Reeves, TSO East vocalist since 2010 and BLN tour 2011-12. We chatted a few hours before hitting the stage in Uniondale, NY in December, about the tour and the debut of the new TSO story, The Christmas Attic; the importance of her mom's support in her development, her introduction and first impressions of TSO, touring, vocal health, how much "Someday" means to her, an upcoming solo release, her fellow TSO vocalists, and much more.

"Her CDs would turn up missing. My mom wasn't really a singer. She loved music, but she wasn't really a singer, but she really, really loved the music. She'd have her catalog of CDs and all the music that she had was endless. Her CDs would come up missing and she'd be cleaning up my bedroom, she'd be going through my toy box and there she'd find her CDs that had been missing for months. I'd be listening to all of them and I'd know all the words to them. One day she found her Etta James CD that had been missing for weeks and it was driving her crazy, but it had been in my toy box. She said, "Have you been listening to this?" I said, "Yea." We put it in and I sang the whole thing from front to back. Now that she knew I could do it, she pushed me a little bit harder, introduced me to more music and influential people that have become my heroes. She really had a lot to do with it."



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