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"According to Billboard, Trans-Siberian Orchestra manager Adam Lind has confirmed a 2018 TSO tour has been booked with more news to be announced soon."

Pollstar's Year End Top 200 North American Tours chart had Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the #5 position with $61.5 million in revenue, from over one million tickets sold! 

I am starting to get the itch again. In just a few months tickets will go on sale and I am wondering what the master minds have planned for this year...soon...very soon.
Woohoo! I hope they hold onto Zak and Russell
(05-10-2018, 12:57 PM)DarkMacek Wrote: Woohoo! I hope they hold onto Zak and Russell

I know isn’t it a sad thing when you think to yourself you never know who is going to stay and who will be gone by the next year? It’s awful. I love my entire west group. But I still miss my beloved John O’Reilly.

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