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Caleb Johnson hired for TSO East tour
Former American Idol Caleb Johnson winner has been hired to sing on the TSO East tour for 2018.  Any thoughts?  Anyone a fan of his before this?

[Image: 21559065_1461513797219671_29186407569471...e=5C37D731]

[Image: 20258389_1433673343390933_31865428045488...e=5C3ACCAF]
Who is he replacing? Is Rob Evan done with TSO?
Kid's got a good voice but he's a rock screamer a'la Steven Tyler. If I was a gambling man my money would be on Caleb being Russell's replacement. Russ posted awhile back how emotionally difficult it was for him last year so perhaps he's stepping away this year. Caleb sounds nothing like rock tenor Rob Evan. If ROb is too busy with Rocktopia and his other projects they will likely just have Dustin Brayley cover "What Child Is This" as he did (greatly) when Rob had to step away mid-tour last year. Hate to see Russell leave but that's what I'm expecting to see happen. I can't see Caleb doing "Christmas Nights in Blue" though. Vocally perhaps but that baby face isn't gonna work visually on that number. Time will tell
Pretty much confirms Russell and or Rob are gone. I think this is a "gimmick." With this hiring I wonder if TSO Mgmt is worried long time fans are losing interest so they hire this guy just to bring the long time fans back to see him if they follow American Idol and not so much TSO? Or could it be they want to get people in who watch American Idol  are not TSO fans and may not want to see TSO but just him? There are still many who have never seen TSO or know what they really are about or really do. In other words is TSO Mgmt just plain worried and grasping at straws resorting to gimmicks to bring new life into TSO? I have lost interest and it would take a lot more than him to get me to see TSO again.
TBQH, Russell and Zak Stevens are my main reasons for going other than Caffery/Hoekstra
(09-06-2018, 04:34 AM)DarkMacek Wrote: TBQH, Russell and Zak Stevens are my main reasons for going other than Caffery/Hoekstra

Pretty much the same here. Sure wish we knew one way or the other about Russell.

p.s. Not happy with this year's presale. Got screwed by Ticketmaster into thinking I was signing up for the fan club presale & signed up for theirs instead - which doesn't start until next week!

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