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TSO's back-up drummer has a new book
Long-time TSO Back-up drummer (also drummer for Dave Z's band ZO2), Joey Cassata, has just released his memoir. I just finished reading it and I highly recommend it. If you are a fan of Dave Z, ZO2, or just the music business in general, you will love this!
For Dave fans, there are so many great behind-the-scenes stories of ZO2 and their Z Rock TV Show. Joey also includes his TSO audition story, which Dave had a fun hand in! Ultimately, this is Joey's inspiring story of growing up in Brooklyn and following through on his dreams of making a living playing drums and all of the challenges and successes that came along - a really fun, page-turning read.

[Image: pQxiLAlkkoDZFO6c+af0RCglIQdAC7qJemB5zcCa...366FGALUMQ]

Available on Amazon:

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