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TSO's back-up drummer has a new book
Long-time TSO Back-up drummer (also drummer for Dave Z's band ZO2), Joey Cassata, has just released his memoir. I just finished reading it and I highly recommend it. If you are a fan of Dave Z, ZO2, or just the music business in general, you will love this!
For Dave fans, there are so many great behind-the-scenes stories of ZO2 and their Z Rock TV Show. Joey also includes his TSO audition story, which Dave had a fun hand in! Ultimately, this is Joey's inspiring story of growing up in Brooklyn and following through on his dreams of making a living playing drums and all of the challenges and successes that came along - a really fun, page-turning read.

[Image: pQxiLAlkkoDZFO6c+af0RCglIQdAC7qJemB5zcCa...366FGALUMQ]

Available on Amazon:
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I just finished reading Joey's book today. It was a fun and easy read. I always enjoy hearing about how the music business has changed through the years. There were many stories from his childhood and the various bands he was part of. He shares stories of ZO2, Dave and Z-Rock. One story in particular with Dave and Paulie had me holding back laughter while reading it at a cafe. Joey also shares some insight on a few projects that he has been working on. I've read many music related autobiographies, but Joey's was different in the fact that he had two overarching dreams that he frequently revisited and tied the book together with. Due to this, the book read more like a novel than an autobiography. I highly recommend this book and hope that many of you seek it out!

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