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John O.Reilly talks TSO, Wizards of Winter in new interview
As part of my long-running TSO Interview Series, I caught up with drummer John O.Reilly.  

Some of the subjects we covered:

- John could have been in KISS? ;-)
- Working with Yoko Ono on Lennon's Double Fantasy album
- How he got hired for TSO
- How much John enjoyed playing the electronic drums for TSO
- Being let go from TSO and why he joined The Wizards of Winter
- And much more!


[Image: 5B2922BE-wizards-of-winter-announce-new-...-image.jpg]
This was great! Thanks for sharing! I never ever heard of that JF Murphy & Salt band, so thanks for adding in the music videos - interesting stuff for sure! Still stinks about him getting fired from TSO, but hey - their loss is The Wizards of Winter's gain! He comes across as a super nice guy and he obviously knows his stuff.

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