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Uncasville Matinee 2015 Show Review

I arrived at the Mohegan Sun around 1:00 for the matinee show. I had lunch at the Summer Bar, then headed to the arena section around 1:45. There were 5 different checkpoint lines. I was the first one one line. Around 2:05, the doors opened. While security was patting down everyone on line, they didn't pat me down. That was good because I had a camera, batteries, and my phone in my pockets. I went to section 116, where I was sitting. I then got up and bought a T-Shirt and a program. Around 2:55, the giant red curtain (I did mention the curtain, right?) went up partially, revealing Chris Caffery and a few singers. They held a giant check. They spoke for a few minutes about a charity, then they walked off. The curtain went back down. Around 3:05, the lights dimmed slowly, not quickly like some of the other venues I've seen them in. The telltale voice of Bryan Hicks said "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!" instead of the usual truss lift, the curtain lit up, and rose, revealing a giant video screen, similar to that of the 2014 show, only it didn't move or looked like a chest lid. Time and Distance started, with the singers. The show went perfectly. It wasn't as energetic as some other other shows I've seen, but I love it as always. After the singer intros, Wizards In Winter played, then a bunch of songs I hadn't heard in a few years, like Christmas Nights in Blue. Then Christmas Jam played, with the giant pyramid rising again. Then the band intros. Madness of Men and Prometheus rotate on a A/B day pattern. Today, we got Madness of Men. Very fiery. The show went on and on, until they played Requiem, as always. Many people thought the song was going to end there, but I had already seen the show in Erie. I knew they would go into a reprise of Christmas Eve/Sarajevo. The arms went up, and then at the end of the song, there was tons of pyro. The lights went out, and pink lights went on. I loved the show. I recorded the full show in HD 1080p, and it can be viewed here:
Nicely captured videos. The audio is CRISP! Thanks for sharing.

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