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Here it is fans, from the TSO Facebook page; 

Stay tuned...Big #TSO news coming this Monday, 8.19.2019! 

 This is it, the 2019 TSO tour will be posted and then the headache for some begins in getting tickets. That is if they are doing it the way they have the past couple of years. I have had no problems but I have read the horror stories concerning the "lottery system" for ticket purchases. Hope this is not my year to get screwed like so many others have in the past. 
 What do you feel they are going to perform this time around. I personally prefer to see "Christmas Eve And Other Stories," yet no matter what they do I will be there in Raleigh, NC (hoping Raleigh is on the tour this season) or the closest venue. Yesssss! It is just about TSO Time!
Don't forget to try to get those club level (200) seats. Much more breathing room.

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