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New Metal Church album & video with Jeff Plate
Metal Church, with former vocalist Mike Howe returning to the fold and Jeff Plate on drums of course, is about to release their new album. First single and video (shot in an abandoned nuclear cooling tower) is "No Tomorrow":

The making of that video, with some cool behind-the-scenes shots of Jeff and the guys:

Jeff is a much better drummer than he shows in Savatage and TSO. I wish they would loosen the reigns a bit. He must be bored out of his mind.

Pretty solid showing by Metal Church but the singer needs a better look. He looks like Tosh.O.

Yeah, yeah... it's the music that matters, but come on. Try.
Nice to see Jeff get a chance to rock out! The song in that video is rockin!
USA tour dates are being announced:

Aberdeen, WA - Feb 19 at D&R Theater
Fife, WA - Feb 20 at Louie G's
Portland, ME - Mar 24 at The Asylum
Manchester, NH - Mar 25 at Club Jewel
Hartford, CT - Mar 26 at The Webster
New York, NY - Mar 28 at B.B. Kings
Pittsburgh, PA - Mar 29 at Altar Bar
Westland, MI - Mar 30 at The Token Lounge
Ringle, WI - Apr 1 at Q and Z Expo Center
Cudahy, WI - Apr 2 at The Metal Grill
Des Moines, IA - Apr 3 at Vaudeville Mews
Chicago, IL - Apr 4 at Reggie’s Rock Club
Cleveland, OH - Apr 6 at Agora Ballroom
Columbus, OH - Apr 7 at O’Shecky’s
Cleveland, OH - Apr 6 at Agora Theatre
Rochester, NY - Apr 9 at The Montage Music Hall

[Image: 12742485_1514747438577078_52558521900095...e=5768021A]
Chris Caffery will be playing guitar for Metal Church on this tour:

From Chris' facebook:

Hello friends!

I'm really excite to announce that I will be playing guitar with the mighty Metal Church on their upcoming US tour.

Their guitarist Rick had a serious eye condition develop that needed surgery and we all pray for his continued, speedy and successful recovery.

It will be a lot of fun to play with my longtime bandmate Jeff Plate and the guys. The first time I toured with Kurdt his band Vanderhoof was opening for Savatage. Then my solo band opened for Metal Church on my Faces tour! Steve was on bass then at the time, all of these guys are amazing musicians. It's gonna be so awesome to hear Mike Howe every night! I watched him on the cruise and was blown away at how incredible his voice is!

If you don't have your tickets yet...what are you waiting for! It's time to go to Church!

Lots of work on my end in the next few weeks but I can't wait to play this stuff live!

See you soon!


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