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Savatage at Wacken
Well, TSO has an East and West, so maybe the core Savatage guys play while they make a TSO band from what remains between East and West.
(04-06-2015, 08:12 PM)Kissguy1973 Wrote: Well, TSO has an East and West, so maybe the core Savatage guys play while they make a TSO band from what remains between East and West.

That's what came to my mind and if there is any flip/flop of TSO vs Savatage going on then present the three non-holiday records as mini-dramas with Savatage wrapping.

There's 20 minutes of BLN, NC, LftLabyrinth that would work. Doesn't have to be hardcore metal, but between Overture, Fate, Requiem, After the Fall, Meph Returns, Misery you could do dark enough set. NC could be slimmed to bits of Sparks, NC, Mozart & Memories, AWYCD, Toccata, Epiphany, etc.

The timing of the Wacken list had 2hrs 15mins for both - that's approx 70 mins each give or take depending on which they're going to focus on more.
Jon mentions here that there might be a few more shows.  This is a welcome change from his previous interviews where he said it would never happen.  He also claims to have lost some weight and has been on a health kick which is great news.
(04-04-2015, 05:12 AM)danfromnj Wrote: A bit of news came up with this show recently. After months of the word being that the short Savatage set will be immediately following the TSO set (supposedly at 75-80 minutes), Wacken threw out this blurb - which was then deleted a few hours later:

Savatage & Trans-Siberian Orchestra – special show
If you take a look at the running order, you may note that the Thursday looks strange: Two shows at both main stages at exactly the same time? Yes, this is right!
For the first time ever in the history of W:O:A, both main stages, the True Metal Stage and the Black Stage, will be playing together. Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will provide you with an absolutely unique double show, which will combine the best parts of both projects!

But this doesn’t mean, that you will get two different songs at the same time, this wouldn’t make any sense of course. Instead, you will get a lush dramaturgy from the musicians and the projects will constantly rotate. Truly a Night to Remember!

Should be interesting, if this presentation of side-by-side stages actually comes to pass.  I will be interested to see how things work.  Will the Sav guys be running back and forth, changing into the Tux jackets and vice versa?  And how will a Rob Zombie-to-TSO transition go over? The fan reaction on the various Wacken and Savatage forums have not been very favorable to this announcement thus far.

Weird for sure. And yea - I cant see Rob Zombie fans being into the lite metal that is TSO.

I have read where the Sav portion was only supposed to be like a half hour, so maybe doing it this way, it won't seem as short? Big Grin
New press release from TSO/Savatage:

To All Our Friends,
“The moment is now In all history The time has arrived And this is the one place to be!”

To say that all of us are feeling surreally excited about the rapidly approaching concert on July 30th, at Wacken is a massive understatement. The closest we can come to describing it, is a family reunion, with over 75,000 of our friends, in the epicenter of the Metal World. In a world that is currently exhausted by non-stop reports of uncertainty and divisiveness, Wacken Open Air Festival, stands as a living, breathing testament of inclusiveness and hope. We all get to reconnect, meet old friends and make new ones.

Everyone at this festival is united by the common language of Heavy Metal and all its variations. Metal is a unique phenomenon, whose power to unite and persevere has long been underestimated. It currently bridges all nationalities, occupations, and most impressively, generations.

All of us in Trans Siberian Orchestra and Savatage cannot believe the luck that has given us the opportunity to take a break from recording the new album Letters From The Labyrinth, so that we can meet up in Wacken, Germany and together, look back at how we got here, as well as forward to possibly catch a glimpse of what might be. This is a once in a lifetime show for Savatage & TSO that we hope you will never forget.

On a final note, we are fascinated by the power that allows this night to happen year after year. It has nothing to do with electricity, pyro, or speaker wattage. It is a force far more powerful, but is subtly hidden in the name, "Wacken Open Air Festival." The multiple day concert is possible in the "Open Air," because tens of thousands of people, from all over the world, can set up tents, share food, and go to sleep without locked doors or windows. This is because there is an overwhelming feeling of trust.

In this environment, all can relax, and the night will be free to weave magic both old and new.

See you at the show,
Savatage & TSO
(07-22-2015, 10:46 AM)NancyL Wrote: Huh????

In this new interview with Paul, he talks about the Wacken Show and says "I just heard the tapes last month and I think we're going to release it as a live album."

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